Campus to Community: Integrated Society at Queen’s University Belfast

Promoting, campaigning and socialising in the name of Integration and Integrated Education. Meeting up with young people from integrated backgrounds, those who are interested in the movement and supporters to create an equal future for us all. From pizza nights to coffee mornings to we are open to any and every one to join us for some fun and conversation.
So far this academic year we have attended the Fresher’s Fair at Queen’s; recruiting and promoting our new society. In the Whitla Hall from 9:45am to 5pm, we had alumni members at the stall all day with sweets, vouchers and smiles. We had a fantastic day gathering new sign ups and getting to know our fellow committee members from all sorts of clubs and societies. Even sharing information to do joint activities in the future.

Following this success, we attended the Mini Fresher’s event in Queen’s Accommodation, Elm’s Village. From 6 to 10 pm on a Tuesday night, we were visited by fellow alumni in attempts to keep us powering through. In the end, despite the event not being as well attended as we expected, but we had some great conversations with other societies like the Law Society, Equestrian, Lacrosse and people from the Chaplaincy who kept us fed for free! Being a new society, we have learned a lot of lessons in taking positives where you can find them; no new sign-ups but networking for the future to keep us informed - progress.

Moving on from this, our Chairperson and Secretary attended the Queen’s President’s Forum in the new temporary Student’s Union to discuss all of the new changes to the Union, how we’ll be affected and fight for change for the students. This was a key event in keeping us involved in University life as well as networking with other people and the University itself.

What’s next? We have planned our first large event of the year for Monday 29th October where we hope Alumni, society members and friends will take part in a Jack the Ripper themed escape room. With an hour to work together, find clues and solve puzzles to escape the rooms before the Ripper returns! We also hope to organise coffee mornings, pub quizzes and free pizza nights to plan for the future of our society and figure out where we would like to be in the next 10 years.

As Chairperson for 2018/19, all I wish for this year is to build on our growing popularity, gather interested parties to one place and create a society for everyone to talk, listen and enjoy as they please. This is what my integrated education taught me to look for in life, and now I wish to be a part of the group who offer it freely.

Laura McCance