Mark Francos

Mark Francos is a postgraduate International Business Law student at QUB, focussed on Trade Law and UK Trade Policy. He is passionate about Northern Ireland and the positive future this part of the world can have regardless of its constitutional position.

"I first got involved with the Integrated AlumNI in 2020 having spent several years interested in Integrated Education after I was first exposed in many ways to the education system here at a NUS-USI student conference in Armagh. What shocked me at the time but I later found out to be the reality for many is that this one individual who spoke said she had not met a member of the other side of the community until she had gone away for university at the age of 18. As someone who had not grew up here it had me in disbelief. From that moment on whenever possible within my degree and outside it I spent time researching the issues at play and seeking out practical solutions to make things better. Ensuring the student movements throughout these islands and in GB to take practical steps to support Integrated Education here in NI and make sure mandates were in place for them to be able to support the grassroots efforts here. More still has to be done and as I left student politics, I felt like I had to take an active role in the movement and that’s why I’m here today as a part of the Integrated AlumNI."