Michael Lynch

Michael is the current Chair of the Northern Ireland branch of the Integrated AlumNI.

Michael grew up in Belfast and attended Lagan College from 2007 – 2014. Michael studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Queens University Belfast, graduating in 2017. From Monday to Friday, Michael works for an accounting firm in central Belfast, however, by weekends; he enjoys reciting an array of facts and dates in his role as a tour guide.

"I had the pleasure of attending Lagan College in Belfast, leaving in 2014. I then went onto Queens University Belfast to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics. After graduating, I spent six months between working as a tour guide in London and volunteering in Kenya, before returning to Belfast and taking a job in PwC. My work is primarily in redress and remediation.

I became aware of the AlumNI while in university, however, I only became more significantly involved after I graduated.

Having worked in tourism in Belfast over the past eight years, I enjoy the thrill of meeting people from all corners of the globe and welcoming them to our city. Witnessing the growth and development of Northern Ireland inspired me to try and play my part in making the place we live and love a better one. I believe that integrated education is central to developing a society that is accepting, inclusive and welcoming of one another.

My experience in school was integral to shaping who I am and what I care about. My experience provided me with perspective, understanding, respect and pride. There is something very special about sitting in the same classroom, at the age of 5, or the age of 11, and realising that the differences we are often programmed to think about, should be celebrated and not feared."