Shawn Wilkinson-Clarke

Shawn attended Ulidia Integrated College, following this he then moved to London and graduated with a degree in Advertising. After spending some time away from the Capital Shawn returned to London and transitioned into the technology industry where he now works at Cisco Systems.

"Attending Ulidia Integrated College was such a momentous time in my life, it provided me the skills and aspirations to be my best self and to put everything I had into the projects I love. From previously attending a segregated school to transitioning to an Integrated school was the best decision my family could’ve selected for me, I can honestly say that without being in integrated education I may not be the person that i am today.

After Ulidia I decided that I wanted to further develop my creative talents within advertising. During my degree I worked in lifestyle TV where it enhanced my working projects that i was studying within a real life working environment. As much as I loved the creative industry the technology industry has always been a passion of mine that I've always wanted to pursue, after having some time away from London I was able to make a transition to the technology industry back in 2017.

After my life at Ulidia I was always a part of integrated education even during my time away from London. I’ve been involved from the very beginning and it's absolutely incredible to see how much we have already grown. I have a huge passion for hearing about the different backgrounds people come from and the impact it has on people's lives when we all come together. Integrated Education will always be a part of my life and it is key to move forward together in an integrated world that we can achieve even our wildest dreams!"