Stuart Irwin
Stewart Irwin

Stuart grew up in north Belfast where he attended Hazelwood College. He moved to Scotland in August 2019 to work in local government.

"During my time at Hazelwood I was acutely aware that attending an integrated school was about much more than sitting through lessons with classmates from across the community divide. Integrated education, in my mind, equipped future generations with the tools to build a plural society that celebrated difference and encouraged people to take time to learn about each other. Since leaving Hazelwood in June 2006, I have waxed lyrical about the fantastic education I received, whilst arguing that many more children should have the opportunity to attend such schools. It was a comforting moment when I learned that there was a group of like-minded and passionate contemporaries who were keen to make the argument for integrated education.

In late 2014 a friend mentioned how they’d attended a social get together of past pupils who were from various integrated schools. I was intrigued and needed to find out more – Who are they? What do they do? When’s the next meeting? After attending my first meeting, I was blown away by the passion, creativity and determination of those involved, and immediately signed up. I was honoured to be asked to be one of the founding trustees of the Integrated AlumNI, as we took steps towards becoming a registered charity and putting structures in place to ensure that our movement could play a leading role in campaigning for a transformation of Northern Ireland’s education system."