Tara Curran

Tara Curran attended Bridge Integrated Primary School and New-Bridge Integrated College. Tara went on to earn a Masters in Physics with Astrophysics and currently works with Neurological device technology. In parallel, she dedicates time to hyper-realistic drawing commissions and artistic projects.

"I currently sit on the Integrated Alumni board of trustees and I’m an active member of the Northern Ireland group.

I am a proud past pupil of both Bridge Integrated Primary School and New-Bridge Integrated College and recently finished my masters in Physics with Astrophysics from Queen's University Belfast.

Currently, I work with medical device technologies that help us understand neurodegenerative diseases and track cognitive health. In parallel to this, I enjoy bringing my artistic ideas to life through commissions and creative projects!
My first opportunity to become involved with the Alumni happened in 2016 during my second year of university. I was asked to speak in London at an event held by the IEF celebrating the 18th Anniversary of the good Friday agreement. This event reignited the passion I had for integration in school and made me realise that an inclusive ethos didn’t just stop at the school gates. I carry that with me to this day.
In addition to contributing to the Alumni I joined the board of governors for Malone Integrated College to share my knowledge and lend support to other integrated pupils. I hope I can encourage parents and students to consider integrated education so that more young people in Northern Ireland can share in the wonderful experiences integration has to offer."