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Treasa Harkin Interview

Integrated AlumNI member, Treasa Harkin recently gave an interview on the Northern Slant website discussing her background in integrated education as well as her thoughts on it's future.

"I see progress, but often get frustrated. I think the outside world views Northern Ireland as a real example in reconciliation and are impressed by our journey, but it does not just stop at politics. We are getting lots of attention for our natural beauty, sporting role models, delicious local food and in the arts.

All these advances are sadly often overshadowed by the antics in our political playground. We have been over half a year without an Assembly now and, quite frankly, it is embarrassing and unacceptable. The citizens of Northern Ireland deserve a functioning Assembly."

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Treasa Harkin

Treasa Harkin

Hi there, I am Treasa. Chair of the Integrated AlumNI and Technology Consultant. I am from Derry but based in London :)

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