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Website Launch!

Integrated AlumNI has come a huge way in a few short years. Launching our website today is a milestone we have been planning for some time. As the network for past pupils of integrated schools in Northern Ireland, our new website will be the hub of our activity, bringing our varied communication channels together, and keeping our members and supporters up to date.

As alumni of integrated schools, we are from all walks of life with diverse backgrounds, skills, abilities and interests, but we have one thing in common – the unique experience of an integrated education. An experience currently open to less than 10% of children in Northern Ireland. We understand and value what integrated education has given us and that is why part of our purpose is to give something back. We support current pupils and integrated schools, and are here for each other as past pupils. We care passionately about Northern Ireland and the shared and peaceful society we believe we all deserve.

Our new website is an important resource to help us work together for a better Northern Ireland. In the coming months we have several initiatives planned, under the banner of our Join IN campaign and our website will be the way for us to share, support, connect and influence.

We, as past pupils, in our diversity and success, are proof that the myth that you cannot achieve unless you go to a grammar school is a huge misconception; in fact, we have achieved because we went to an integrated school!

Thank you to everyone at the Integrated Education Fund for their huge support and faith in us. A special word of thanks to Ronan McCay who will shortly be leaving the Fund, for everything he has done in support of us, from the very start. Thank you also to BELTIE for their support. And finally, our immense appreciation goes out to fellow alumni Paul McCrory for his time and creative talent in the design and development of our website!

Stuart Irwin

Stuart Irwin

Hello! My name is Stuart and I am a trustee of Integrated AlumNI. I'm currently completing my PhD in history at Queen's University Belfast.

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